Jeep safari

To go by jeep in the jungle offers several advantages of its own. First, you are able to go deep inside the park which you cannot do by walk, canoe or elephant. To go deep allows you to witness many different types of vegetations (grassland, Sal forest and riverine forest), see jungle lakes, water streams. Jeep is a very safe way to go in the wild and even though a jeep is noisy, you cover such a long area during the ride that it gives you a great possibility, if luck is on your side, to see animals that usually live far from the border of the park (bears, leopards, tigers).
First we cross the Rapti river by canoe to reach the inside of the park and then we ride the open roofed jeep for 22 km (40km for full day) to reach Kasara which is the administrative headquarter of the park. At Kasara you visit a crocodile breeding farm that has been set to protect and increase the number of crocodiles at Chitwan. This is a great opportunity to see crocodiles from very close range.
After, we return again through the jungle by jeep to get a long return trip that will give you more chance to encounter wild animals.

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